Veneer and Crown

Porcelain veneers are extremely thin casings of ceramic that are bonded to the front of the patients tooth to create a new smile.

Porcelain veneers are placed over the front of teeth that appear too small or large, slightly discolored, or simply are not cosmetically pleasing to the patient. For many patients, teeth may have chipped, become discolored, or are slightly crooked. For the majority of these patients, porcelain veneers can prove to be the perfect solution.

When placing porcelain veneers, we pay close attention to the patients surrounding teeth and design each veneer to complement the overall smile. The result is a beautiful, attractive new smile.

If cared for properly, your veneers will last you a long time. We ensure that your new veneers are constructed of the most durable porcelain materials available.


The procedure begins with the preparation of the tooth. This entails removing the discolored or unsightly portion of the tooth and meticulously shaping the tooth in preparation for the new veneer. Once we have shaped the tooth, we will take an impression. This impression will be sent to our lab where your new restoration will be crafted. While the new veneers are created, we will provide you with a temporary restoration. Our temporary restorations will resemble your natural teeth so that you can continue with your daily life without worrying about a missing or incompatible tooth.

During your second visit to the office, we will proceed with the placement of your final restoration. The veneers will be fitted comfortably into the mouth. We will make every effort to ensure that the new tooth feels exactly like one of your natural teeth. The final step in the process will be to bond the new veneers into your mouth, leaving you with a beautifully restored smile


are the first choice when correcting the form of anterior teeth. They allow successful correction of tooth misalignment, gaps, form and shade, with superb aesthetics. A porcelain veneer is a thin shell of porcelain that is bonded on to the front surface of a tooth so to improve its cosmetic appearance. Porcelain veneers are translucent, thin laminates made to improve the aesthetics (shape, spacing, color) of natural teeth, to correct crowding, or to replace composite bonding. We offer these at the industry leading prices.


We offer the high class services in the tooth crown. We offer this at the industry leading prices. We are renowned in the industry for our expert services. We make the combination with the right tints and translucencies which are made to look like real natural teeth and blend beautifully with the adjacent teeth. In fact, it becomes almost impossible to distinguish visually a well done mental free crown from a natural tooth.

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